Give me 10 minutes and I will prove to you that you can earn money on Forex market, without committing your time, knowledge, and experience.

“Extra 350 dollars per month?”

Profitable Positions Generator is new mechanism, which produces for you opportunities for profit.

Dear reader,

It’s just a matter of minutes for you to know how to make more money without hard work.At the beginning you need to know, I won’t be talking about “million pounds or dollars per month”.I’m writing about simple and new way to earn extra money to your salary.

The Profitable Positions Generator
in just a few minutes will become yours money maker for your calling. Even 94% of people using this have day to day jobs, other activities and daily duties. 

The Profitable Positions Generator was made for people who are occupied with their jobs, but wants to earn real extra money.
Without sitting over charts and sacrificing free time.

This solution is strictly for those people who wants to earn on financial market, without learning again and again about trading.
Allow me to show you how NEW mechanism works, on which you will be earning.

It checks open price from day before,

• It checks the highest price on this day,

• It performs detailed technical analysis,

• It automatically generates potentially profitable position.

This happens automatically, without yours commitment.

The task you need to perform is to copy from Profitable Positions Generator on your phone or computer and launch it.

To launch such position takes more or less 10 seconds.
Every evening you can check how much you successfully earned.

Is 437 710.96 dollars in one month is good result?

It would be crazy to promise you this kind of profit, when it took me 14 years.

Let’s stop with this nonsense, which you can read on the internet from many shady conmans. These con artists only wait for your deposit, after which you cannot contact them.

So let’s stick to the fraction of this result.

Let’s start with 120$, 240$ or 360$ extra to your salary.
What I can promise, is to show you how you can earn bigger sum.

Here is the method to earn money, which has 75% effectiveness, and didn’t fail even once!

Have you ever had enough of this internet scheme, where you can read about this magical systems on which you can only earn? I know how it is, so let’s establish one thing.

I’ll show you how our mechanism works, and why it has such high effectiveness. You need to remember, if something has 75% of accuracy, then you won’t have the same results every time, and it won’t always be only profits.

The most important thing is statistic.
If on 100 plays 75% will end up with profit, and only 25% won’t go as planned, so will you earn or not?

Answer is simple and logical.

This generator gives unfair advantage for those who know how to use it.
Whole learning process takes 15 minutes, and I will tell you about it later.

This is so simple, even kids could try it.

Generator does all hard work for you.
You only need to copy what you will see on you trading account.

Literally “3 click by mouse”
See this chart one more time.

    1. Here the generator checks what was open at the beginning of the day.

    2. Here it checks what was the lowest price on this day.

    3. Here it checks what was the highest price on this day.

    4. Here it adds advanced indicators and proceeds with analyses.

    5. Here it shows what your potential profit is.

Potential profit 64 PIPS = 64$,

how to calculate this, I will tell you later.

What do you need to do to earn?

The thing you need to do is to copy that, which was generated and open up a new position.

    You can do everything on your phone in just a matter of seconds.

    1. Check position.

    2. Copy.

    3. Paste.

    4. Click to launch.


It is so easy, it doesn’t even require explanation.
It took me only 10 seconds.

Would you like to use Generator on its 100% power?
In just a moment you will receive full instruction, step by step, explaining every detail.

After seeing these materials, it’ll be clear for you.
Be sure to do it right!

Even 10 minutes daily is enough.

For most traders a lot of time is consumed by looking for a profitable position to enter.
Especially at the beginning traders sit and wait for hours, nights even to find that perfect entry moment.

Lucky for you, you can forget about it.

Everything will be done by Profitable Positions Generator.
You just need to look at the application in the morning, make a few moves and put your phone away.
There is no need for you to check every now and then during the day what is happening on the market.

Everything is constructed this way, to close your positions automatically, when it is profitable and protect your account in case the market goes in another direction.

These things you set only once, and nothing more.

This is how information looks like in a generator.
1 positions GBPUSD

End profit – 42,75$

This is how information looks like in a generator.
1 positions XAUUSD

End profit – 101,10$

1529 people are already using this with success.

Yes, that many people know this tool and use it every day to grasp opportunities.

You need to know, there are a lot of opportunities.
No trader could grasp them all.

That is why I created this system, which thinks and works the way I want to.
This generator enters my head and automatically sends information about my moves on the market to you.
I know this sounds crazy, but let me show you something.

And now something for people,
who one day wish to stop working.

Maybe you’re wondering what it looked like in the past.
It’s understandable.

One success doesn’t make a pattern.

You see, for the 14 years I've been in the market, something always changes frequently, but some rules remain the same.
And on these unchangeable rules I perfected Profitable Positions Generator.

And it works for you.

What did it look like in 2018?

I know, these numbers don't really make sense, and you really don’t have to know about them, to actually use this mechanism.

But just for clarity.
On these results you see the amount of acquired pips.
Pips are nothing more than just a variable on the market.

If pips are on plus, then you earn.
If they are on minus, you have a loss.

When you know how many pips you had in each month, you can easily calculate potential profit.
Profit depends on the size of your position.
These positions can be different, everything depends on you, on which capital you trade.

For your knowledge,
I will show you a simple pattern.

Size of a positions * amount of pips = your profit

Position 0.01 = 0.1 $
Position 0.1 = 1 $
Position 1 = 10 $

So if you played on the smallest position 0.01 and you reached 1000 pips, then on your account is 100 $ profit.

And now you can see and calculate what would have been, if you would started using this solution in 2018:

Was 2019 equally good?

As you can see, the majority of positions are on profit.
I talked about 75% effectiveness, but don’t forget, there is no such thing as a miracle.

Math doesn’t lie.

This isn't an ordinary signal group.

The truth is, on the internet you can meet a lot of con men, who are going to show you only profit without losses.
After 14 years I know it is not possible.

There is more, no one is a machine, and no one can sit for 24 hours per day and follow what is happening on the market.

Creating Profitable Positions Generator
I thought about every detail.

A lot of people asked me:
“Pawel, what will happen if you decide to take a few days off, who will send us profitable positions?”

I will tell you something, 
this is already happening, 

in June I became a father for the second time.
If you have children or you know someone who has, then you know how it is on a daily basis.

That is precisely why I chose trading, to be able to walk away from the computer,
when this generator is thinking and working 24h per day for you and me.

I sacrificed a big part of my life, to perfect ways how profitable positions are generated.
Thanks to this, you don’t need to overthink from where they come from.

I excluded human factor, so this generator:

      • Doesn’t cry about lack of time to generate positions,

      • Doesn’t ask for food,

      • Doesn’t feel stress,

      • Doesn’t want day off,

      • Doesn’t make stupid mistakes, which could happen to anyone.

While you can go to parties or social meetings, this generator works for us.

In a moment you could also feel this amazing feeling, when something programmed in the best possible way, makes money for you.

But how does this money maker work today?

I will show you something… in secret.

This information gives such good effects, so I don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands.

Profitable Positions Generator is using certain strategies, but of course that’s not all strategies which I use.
It was created to be effective, not to look good.

Let’s look at bigger picture:

September profit 4 887 $.

October profit 40 699 $.

November profit 139 042 $.

December profit 52 702 $.

I can name many more, but that’s not the point.
I show it just for you to know my triaging is built on certain strategies.
And one of them is used in Profitable Positions Generator.

If you are wondering about other strategies?

1 step – launch Profitable Positions Generator .
2 step – write to us: “JPPDMW” on and you will receive specifics.

How starting from point zero creates
a money earning empire?


You start from making a choice.
Every journey starts from the first step.

It’s amazing how many of them you can make with help of Profitable Positions Generator.
There is nothing as simple as copying what is appearing and waiting for effect.

At the same time you can do whatever you want.
Either you choose to spend time with your friends, or travel, or you would like to jus drink beer with your buddy.

The Allknowers shouldn’t read this page.

Despite having these results, which you saw before, I learn every day.
And I do this to upgrade Profitable Positions Generator, so it could be better and better.
Thanks to this, you can sleep with peace, while this massive machine takes from the market what is yours.

This market is enormous.
There is a slice of cake for you, for me, and for 100 000 new users, who don't know what you already know and what you would be using in a moment.

See how this machine crashes the market, by taking everything that stands in its way.

The best thing about this is… you don’t need real money to start!

And this is probably the most important thing!
You start with a demo account.
You can start with a virtual amount of even  100 000$.

You launch Generator and you can test how it works for you.
Testing can go how long you want, until you decide that you’re ready to enter the real market.

Demo account doesn’t cost a cent.
Even if there is a mistake, you don’t take any risk.
You can feel confident, because you know it’s just a test.

It’s the same with pilots of planes.
Before you are piloting a real plane, you train and learn on a simulator.
There you can make all the mistakes, test and perfect every element.
It’s preparation for taking a plane in the air, when the time comes, and then everything works how it should.

Without even one dollar for start you can enter this simulator.
You train until you say to yourself “I can do this”.

Meanwhile you gain certainty.

With clarity about what is happening on the market, you can finally say “Let’s go”.

You have full control over this system.

When you are in the cockpit of a plane, you get clear instructions.
Defined procedures for every possibility.

While you prepare for landing you have a control list.
You check one step after another – not to forget anything.

This is precisely how the Profitable Positions Generator works.
You get your control list, which tells you what to do and not to wonder.
But that’s not all!

It depends only on where you want to go, whether it is the Bahamas or this time you want to visit the east coast of the US.
You can give such commands to Generator that it will play the way that is best for you.

You have full control over:

        • How many profitable position you’ll open,

        • How big they’re going to be,

        • How much profit you’ll gain.

You’ll receive fully made tools, which will be controlled by you!

       •  You can feel this freedom in choosing,

       •  No one can tell you that to do,

       •  No one can dictate any rules to your plays,

       •  No one can make a decision for you, which you don’t want.

If you can send a text message, then you can earn money here! It cannot be simpler.

Miss Wanda from Krakow in February had her 69s birthday.
Her retirement payment is a joke!
She came to me by accident from Facebook.
She didn’t know what Forex is, and about currencies she knew only that you can exchange them.

She chose to try.

“For me it was something completely new, a few years before I could find you faster. I saw your video and I said to myself: I have nothing to lose. It was a good decision.”

Her example isn’t the only one.
Regularly someone texts us about their Profitable Positions.

How will this generator change your life?

I cannot make any promises, but I know that
“there are no certain things, there are only things worth doing them.”

This is a completely new solution, which gives anyone an advantage from others.

972 people are using it, adding you, but to be honest not many people heard about it.

Not many people heard, but in this market there are tens of thousands users, who want to earn.

Does every one of them earn? Absolutely not!
Most people just don't have time to sit over charts to wait and enter at the right moment.

Most of us are busy, we have jobs, and most of us just want to rest from our daily routine.

Days are passing, and suddenly we wake up on our another birthday.

Years before we were happy about birthdays, waiting to turn 18.
Today, when we see the calendar, most of us start to think “what have I been doing for the last five years?”

And that’s why some of us, who want something more from life, start to look for opportunities.
Most of them find beautiful products that are nothing more than just a scheme – such as promises to earn 100 000 $ in a month.

After some point It isn’t funny anymore.
That’s why I created your Generator.

Why do some people almost
always earn on the market?

In the last few years I saw almost everything, which could be seen in the market.
I made a lot of mistakes, it is even shameful to admit.
Especially in the beginning.

I mastered trading to such a level, that now I don’t guess what will happen, I just see it.

I’m not infallible.
Generator doesn’t have 100% of effectiveness.
Even when a lot of users praise themselves  for closing 9 out of 10 positions in profit.
No comment.

This just doesn’t work like that!

Trading for ones can be a source of side income, but for others amazing lifestyle, which I wish for you, friend.

This feeling when you start your day with a cup of coffee on your dream house patio.
This is a reality where you don’t need to go to work and listen to your boss.
Moment, when your wife says “Are you feeling like going on vacation in some hot place?”,
and you need only a few minutes to pack your computer, clothes and you’re ready.

Thanks to this I had the chance to build from scratch a few companies in different industries.
To build independent sources of income.

There is no better feeling than seeing your account, where there is diversity in income.

Let’s be honest,
this didn’t happen immediately
, but if there is some kind of plan, some kind of system, it would be insane to not use it.

People show big houses with pools, but they don’t show you hard work before.
I know how much work it required, and I won’t sell you bullshit.

But if in ten seconds you can generate at least one profitable position and earn 10 dollars on it, then you can generate ten of them and earn quite a good weekly salary.

The time will come.
The important thing is to take this one step.
To make a choice.

If it is so good, why am I sharing this?

I spend years checking what is working, and what isn’t.
Thousand hours of work before I created this simple and effective mechanism, which is making money on command.

And you know, I would be happy if there would be an opportunity for us to shake hands and drink good whisky.

Spending this amount of hours over a computer screen like I did, you simply want to share it with others.

Why should this generator earn only for me, if it can earn for others too.

I don’t have to do this, there is no pressure but when I read these opinions, I just want to.

So where is the catch?

Nothing will be done by itself.
Even if I would shout at you “Get up, your money is running from you”,
I can’t be the one who will click for you.

You just need to take action.
You saw how much time it takes to open up a profitable position.
Literally it's a matter of seconds.
But how many of them, or even one, will be opened depends only on you.

Nothing can be done without you.
The catch is, to start thinking about leaving your job, first you need to earn your first 100, 200, 300 $.

Sometimes it takes only 5 minutes, sometimes 15.
Everything depends on how much you care about the result.
It depends on what effects you want.

Such simple and legal money no one in this world ever saw
– 9 000 000 000 000$!

Currency market is the most liquid market in the world.
Daily sales of the currency market are assessed around 9 bln USD, it’s a hundred times more than Wall Street – which is the biggest stock market in the world.

The question is: How big of a slice of this cake do you want for yourself?

Even if by team effort we would put five million dollars in this market, no one would even see it.

Facts are that every day legally you can take money from this market.

It’s like you had a printer in your house and you could legally print money on it.

Of course, you wouldn’t print money, you would earn money by using Profitable Positions Generator.

You know what is the best thing?
Everything is legal.

Neighbors wouldn’t know from where you have your new car, or how you can afford another vacation.

You don’t have to tell anyone…
they will see.
Only you would be in a different place by then.

How to make people stay in line for you, asking to show them this generator?

In fact, you don’t have to do anything, this will just happen.
Everyone is skeptical at the beginning, and that is normal.

When you start to have your own first profitable positions, you start to feel it also.
When money starts to show on your account, you start to think about how to spend it.
When you spend them, and there will be more, others start to ask.

Many of them will say “You and trading? Don’t be silly!”
And something interesting happens, you don’t give a sh… about their opinions.
You know what you do, and where it will take you.

You know that generator is just a beginning.
This journey starts today.
Journey which will last as long as you will end up on a tropical island with drinks, thinking “it was worth it!”

Generator is one thing, but if you want more, remember this two steps:

  1. Launch you machine
  2. Write us “JPPDMW” on

100% content users.

You are reading this, thinking when you will get access to all of this.

Remember, this isn’t for everyone!
Don’t think it will happen over one night, and tomorrow you will be on those islands with drinks and girls.

This is the moment of truth.
Generator is one out of 10 strategies I use every day.

Let’s start with something so easy, that if mosquitoes could use phones, they would earn money.

The one thing I care about is to make every one of the users be happy with this.

Listen to my advice:
Launch Generator on a demo account, test it for this long, that you would decide you’re ready, you know what to do and you want to earn.

Don’t be too hasty. Don’t rush it.
In the beginning you start with a plane simulator, just to find yourself in the air later, not the other way around.
And you know what is the most interesting thing? You don’t risk a thing, and you have 100%  certainty, but I will write about this later.

Do you like to find gifts under the Christmas tree?

I don’t know why, but I alway liked to get something for free, something extra, some kind of a bonus.

If you are like me, then I have something more for you.

The value of these bonuses is massive.

Bonus 1

"Wild river of unlimited investment capital"

Wild river of unlimited investment capital
When I started I didn't have any capital to invest.
I felt awful about it. I knew the amount of opportunities that slipped my fingers, just because I didn't have much to invest.

It bothered me when big players grasped dollars from the market while I tried to earn with my “pocket money”.

Unfortunately the truth, those with a lot of money, earn a lot of money.
Instead of focusing on investing and trading, I tried to save up at least 1000 $, just to try myself on the market.

Few times I even successfully saved up some money, but it ended like always.
When I had 1000$, I wanted to earn another 1000$ in a short time.
Once or twice I managed to do it, but then I lost everything.

To earn a lot while having just a little is extremely hard, nearly impossible and risky above all.
Even if I would earn 10% of my capital, it would still be a small addition to my paycheck.

In those times I wished to have 10 000$, 50 000$ or even 200 000$.
I imagined how it would be like to invest safely and still earn a lot of money.

To have big capital to invest opens a lot of opportunities.

Let's assume you have 1000$ to invest. 
You want to play it safe, and you earn 2-3 % of your capital monthly.
Your payment is around 20 - 50 $.
I don’t know how you fell, but to me it doesn’t sound appealing

Let’s see another example.
On your account there is 200 000$.
You want to play it safe, and you earn 2-3 % of your capital monthly.
Your payment is around 4 000 - 10 000$.

I will tell you more… Let it be just 1% of your capital monthly.
It would be 12% after a year.
Your extra payment will be 24 000$.
Cool, right? Just for a few minutes of your time.

How can I get 200 000$ if I just don’t have this kind of money?

The best thing is… YOU don’t have to have it.
I will say more!
There is no need for you to ever have this capital of your own pocket.

I discovered mechanisms which allowed me and people I work with to gain capital from 10 000$ to even 200 000$.

I know how crazy it sounds, but see for yourself how much money went to my account.

What you see is the amount of money I received to invest - 200 000$.

And here comes the best thing.
To receive 10 000$, you just need to have 160$.
To receive 200 000$, you need to have no much more.

This method allows everyone to gather 10 000$ or more on market investments.

Sounds good, right?
So how can you get such capital?

When you activate Profitable Positions Generator immediately you will receive not published anywhere video recording, which will show you how to gain such powerful capital on your market investments.

This method is checked by us and we use it all the time.
From this day it will be available for you too.
Those who have more, earn more!
Simple! Let’s start!

Bonus 2

“Virtual mentor”

How to make money on your own on the forex market without knowledge and experience?
Profitable Positions Generator doesn’t require you to have knowledge to multiply what generator shows on the app.
As you know you just need to copy and paste.
Maybe  you are wondering about the effectiveness of this system.
And maybe right at this moment you are thinking about learning more about the forex market.
Due to this to gain independence from everyone and everything.

I know you may have gone through a lot of training, which promised you that after them you will become a millionaire.

My approach is completely different.

I think that having too much knowledge is not just in the way, but it is also destructive.
Especially at the beginning.

That’s why I prepared something completely different.
I gathered the most important informations in one place, in which step by step I show you where to begin and to what you need to pay attention.
Without this dumb ideas, which are written in guides from so called experts.
I don’t say that more knowledge isn’t needed.
But it isn’t needed at the beginning.

I don’t say that I know everything, but the results are verified, and you know them.

Think about it…

When you were in school, and you were taught history, was it in one day? One week? One month? You were taught about ancient Rome, medieval period, about World War I and II, modern times in one month? No. Of course not.

And I think this is what trading gurus are trying to tell you, that you can learn it in one day.

It is easy for them to say.
They put complicated analysis for those who are pros.
It is not your fault that after training you feel like you are not moving even one step.
This is those every specialist, who are throwing at you more knowledge, fault.

The worst thing is when you sit at your computer and you don’t know what to do.
Ones say this, others say that, and others say all of it.
It creates chaos in your mind.

Instead of focusing on basics, and what is important, we think that there is just too much of it.
It could be overwhelming.
It can make your good intentions and motivation disappear.
I know how it is, so I decided to do things differently.

See for yourself what Rafał and Jacek wrote.


Once before I was interested in the forex market. But not in the way to find the right knowledge. From curiosity I bought your basic program to see recordings. What can I say? I was looking for something this profesional. Tonight I will end the basic program, and probably I will go higher, because I want more.”


I am a total beginner and I was looking for something basic, where I can learn from scratch. Thanks to the “Virtual Mentor” program I learned things I wanted the most. Now I can freely move on trading platforms. Knowledge is completely basic, but that is why I could learn it so fast. After this program it is easier for me to use Profitable Positions Generator. Now I will join Live Trading Sessions. Good job!"

How to start trading from basics and to avoid bullshit and not needed information?
I created a simple program for you, which will guide you step by step.
I avoided these informations, which after 13 years of experience I view as unneeded at the beginning.
You won’t find there complicated analisis with 20 different and telling nothing indicators.

You will find only those things which are important and easy and necessary for you to understand how all of this works.
Without hard and complicated things.

Don’t expect 100 hours of video in which no one really goes through.
We both know that no one has time to watch recordings in the middle of the night just to dig in unnecessary things right now.

The truth is today we are exposed to information which only trashes our mind.
Television, radio, internet, charts, magazines and many more, where there is too much stuff, which can’t affect our own lifes.
Well it affects, but… is it changing life for the better?

Only specifics, without bullshit!
Remember when I gave my signature on my book for you?
The same thing applies for this program!

Yes, I Paweł tell you with 100% certainty that to start trading you need to start from the basics.
Selected basics.
Not from materials chosen by accident.
Not from those which were created just for something to be put on a blank page.

Thanks to this you have a full picture which shows you where to start.
I can honestly say that this will fulfill Profitable Positions Generator for one simple point:
You will learn about the financial market.

  • You will know the right approach for day trading.
  • You will know how to organize your work place.
  • You will know which platforms to use to start quickly and effectively.
  • You will know how to move on these platforms.
  • You will know how to calculate your profits and how to predict how much you can earn,
  • You will know which orders you need to open to play effectively,
  • You will know on what you need to pay attention to on chart, and what most people forget about,
  • You will know how to analyze your progress and how to check your effects,
  • You will know which tools and which apps are used by pros,
  • And many more.

Other will be jealous of what you know
Most of these things are like black magic for those who aren’t willing to get serious and learn something in even one evening.
One weekend, and to be exact, if you sit down in the morning, then before noon you will have free time.

Only this, and as much as this, separates you from entering the financial world.
The world when those who have advantage are those who get involved.
The world where some have paychecks from their workplace, and others can enjoy sunrise with a cup of coffee on a patio in a dream house.

I won’t tell you some bullshit that this program will make you a millionaire.

Many want to hear something like this, but from me you won’t hear this ever.
Because to have this effect, you need to take another step, step further.
Today I show you how using basic knowledge and Profitable Position Generator you can earn an extra 120, 250, 375$.

And with time to harness your skills by for example trade with me while I host my live trading sessions and mentorings.
Thanks to this, step by step you will see your results.
Step by step you will feel how you go in the right direction.

In one moment you will wake up and find yourself in another place.

You will take your phone, check one chart and know what comes from what.
You will be 100$ aware of what you are doing on the market and why Profitable Positions Generator is working so well for you.

This basic program shows you where to beggin.

You learn only key and important things.
And these things allow you to enter the financial world.

World where you can earn from each place in the world.

World which gives you unlimited possibilities and an above average lifestyle, which is desired by many.

Could this happen?

Yes, if you will play on the same side with the best.

Bonus 3

Trading anticrisis shield  ”

One of the most common reasons for people to lose their money is lack of knowledge in capital management.
I created a manual for you.
When you will consume this short but very specific manual you will know how professionals manage their capital.
Maybe you were wondering how many positions and how big there should be with capital of 100, 500, 1000, and more dollars?

This short tally will show you with accuracy to one cent how to play, so what you are doing is the safest way on the market.
I never saw anywhere the rules of the game were this accurate.

Probably you heard that a lot of people lose their money on the forex market just because they opened too big positions for their accounts.
This case won’t be applied to you ever more.
You will never doubt if what you are doing is the right thing to do.

People who don't know these rules have nightmares.
They woke up in the middle of the night just to check their phones to see if their accounts could hold up.
The question is: why?

Isn’t it better just to sleep like a baby knowing that everything is under control?
You need to know that the right choice of a size and number of positions for your account is not just minimizing the risk and maximizing the level of security, it’s much more.

By learning these rules you will have a calm mind and you will know that everything you did was the right thing.

It allows you to be calm and to focus on the most important thing - earning money.

It’s hard to put a price on something like this.
How can one put a price on something that gives you inner calm and certainty that everything you do  is on the world class level.

There is more… how can you put a price on something which allows you to protect your capital from unneeded loss.

One hour of my consultation costs 120$ and I think that around this much would take to discuss this with details. Great news is: you will receive this with access to a group.
I will give a hint.
When you get into a group in a moment, make a copy of these rules… you can use them in the future.

These rules are effective as hell, and so few people know about them and use them.

Of course I could talk about them for hours, but why?

It is definitely better to  write these rules which can protect your capital, and give you a manual.

This very valuable copy is waiting for you and you can start using it right now.

Bonus 4

6 unknown rules, which allows to earn more money on real account than on demo  ”

Did you ever wonder when is the right time to switch from a demo to a real account?
Everyone at some point stands before this decision.
How many people did you see who started at a demo account, and then nothing?
This kind of uncertainty caused many people wasn’t sure when to start playing at the real account.


This fear before sailing to the open waters was so strong, that it paralized some of them.

People feel like in the middle of a stormy night with lightning they need to go out to the dark wood, where they need to spend a night under a tent.
Wolves are hauling, and thunder falls from the sky, and they seem to be so close.

The truth is it isn’t about feeling secure and good enough.
This is about the rules of the game.
Six rules to be exact.

These rules with powerful precision allow you to determine the right moment for you to get into the real market.
With them you get 100% certainty in what you are doing.
You start to trust your skills.
And with that you will start to make right and profitable decisions.

These things are forgotten even by professional traders.
Do you know how to tell the difference between those who earn and those who say they earn on trading?

You just need to ask them simple questions about these rules of the game.
Many of them will make confused faces.
“Emmmm, you know… I play… what is your problem…?”

I can bet my finger on this, that 95% of people are just thinking they trade, without knowing answers to your questions.

Lack of this knowledge causes them to lose their money in the long term.
This is just half of the problem.
The worst thing is when they start to teach others.

You will lose a lot of time when you won’t know these rules and when you won’t apply them.
You will have this feeling of knowing a lot but still making circles.
Never have this certainty to play at the real account or to just play at the demo.

95% of people don’t even have tools to monitor their own progress and effects.
Not to mention that they don’t use boosting mechanisms for their own effects on growth.

You will have a big problem if you don't apply these rules.
Lucky for you it doesn’t have to be you.

I will give these rules as a bonus to the Profitable Position Generator.
I have just one big favor.
Approach them seriously before you switch to the real account, apply them in the demo.

Even just one of them allows you to:

  • To save valuable energy, which you can use for any purpose or goal. You just stop to lose it. You stop having the feeling that you don’t know what to do to make your effects better.
  • You put aside emotions from the decision making process. Just by it you can look at your work objectively. You can make your effectiveness better.
  • You will know the mechanisms that allow you to create good habits, which will make your day more organized and you will get more time.

All of this affects your effectiveness which creates your results.

Seriously I am very excited that you will get to know these 6 rules soon.

I want to have it, how much does it cost?

To create Profitable Positions Generator took me 14 years.
This is how much experience I had to put into the generator.

Twelve month of hard work to perfect it, and to create it in this way, as app notifications.

In this work I engaged two programmers and my business partners.

Every one of them worked hard for you to get profitable positions.

I thought about the price for a long time.
To be real I price it in thousands of dollars.
That is how much someone would pay for technicalities.
Not to mention knowledge and knowing “how to” put it together so it would generate profits.

First I thought about 1200 $ one time.
My partners convinced me not to do this.

They convinced me to give it almost for free, but on one condition, that our users would use it on its 100% capabilities.

This wasn't an easy decision, but my goal was above all, for you to start acting in the financial market.

To start with this easy tool.
And by seeing potential, you would like to know more about how to earn even more money.

I think that 1200$ is a low price, funny even, to the extent of your effects, which you will have.

Don’t worry.
Today you can get your version for a symbolic price.

What exactly will you get:

Profitable Positions Generator - $1000

Thanks to it you will start to earn on financial markets without knowledge and experience.
You don’t need to learn about trading.
It’s enough to just copy profitable positions on the app on your phone.
This solution is your first step to true freedom.

BONUS 1 - "Wild river of unlimited investment capital" $99

I discovered mechanisms which allowed me and people I work with to gain capital from 10 000$ to even 200 000$.

When you activate Profitable Positions Generator immediately you will receive not published anywhere video recording, which will show you how to gain such powerful capital on your market investments.

BONUS 2 - "Virtual mentor" $99

How to start trading from basics and to avoid bullshit and not needed information?
I created a simple program for you, which will guide you step by step. Selected basics. Not from materials chosen by accident. Not from those which were created just for something to be put on a blank page.

 Thanks to this you have a full picture which shows you where to start.

BONUS 3 - "Trading anticrisis" $49

This short tally will show you with accuracy to one cent how to play,  so what you are doing is the safest way on the market.
I never saw anywhere the rules of the game were this accurate. You will never doubt if what you are doing is the right thing to do.

 People who don't know these rules have nightmares.

BONUS 4 - “6 unknown rules, which allows to earn more money on real account than on demo ” $49

This is about the rules of the game. Six rules to be exact. With them you get 100% certainty in what you are doing.
You start to trust your skills. And with that you will start to make right and profitable decisions.

You are protected
by 30 days security guarantees.

I want to be sure, you will be thrilled by things you get.
I’m so sure about Generator, so I went ahead,

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