Trading Range

$ 47 Lifetime
  • I put in your hands a worker, who doesn't take time off, doesn’t get sick, and works for you 24/7. This worker doesn’t sleep, thanks to that he is searching for opportunities for investment for the whole day and night. Formation, which is hard to find on the chart, because there is different news during the day, different instruments to observe, and formation could be simply overlooked. Your worker will let you know about everything he finds on dozens of charts at the same time.

Knowledge alert!!!

Trading Range – what is it?


Trading Range relies on defining market buyout level (resistance) and market sellout level (backup). It means that the market reacts on resistance and backup levels, follows them till the end of formation or untill breakthrough from a certain range and drastic change on the market. If the market reacts at least two times on a certain level from bottom (double-bottom) and two times from the top (double-top), then we have the beginning of the Trading Range taking shape.  We could determine Range as consolidation on the market or how many “specialists” say we are in the accumulation zone or distribution zone. At those times we expect strong signals, which breakthrough this range. But what is important, that Trading Range very often characterizes false breakthroughs beyond its range, next there are two attempts (2-try Rules) to stay outside the range, and then there is a comeback to previous Trading Range. You need to take into account that the market moves like this 67% of the time.


Trading Range Scanner – let’s start!

This Range Scanner scans every instrument on every time frame. If you know the rule to sell high, buy low, then this will be an advantage on the market.

Every trader, who is active on the market uses different solutions to find and to search probable ranges, setups. or to determine direction. Everyone searches for opportunities to open positions and to realize profits. Scanner determines which direction we can expect. If there will be breakthroughs from the range, then we have advantage because scanner analise tick volumen also, in sole purpose to confirm breakthrough direction from Trading Range. If this difference is too small then the scanner displays range in yellow, which means you need to be careful and cautious.

Remember this!

Separately from scanner indications you need to be cautious with making decisions. This tool would give you advantage but how the market will act is random, we are basing mainly on the probability. Scanner marks Reverse formations, just like SHS – shoulder, head, shoulder.

SHS formation which is sometimes hard to see on the chart, because we have many different news during the day, we observe different instruments, and simply we can overlook it. Depending on direction SHS very often means the reversal of the market. Does it mean it is always like this? No! Market sometimes has other plans than those actions which we want to take at the moment.

Very important – before you will start to invest on the real account, it is necessary to test this strategy on a demo account.

Before we mentioned situations when Scanner show us Trading Range in yellow color. This is a simple statement -act carefully and cautiously, it is hard to predict in which direction the market will follow. 

It is important, because watching only on growth movement (screen above) we could think about opening a position as a buyer in the moment when the price would be attractively low. Potential if there would be a breakthrough on the bottom if the range we would want to take position. Thanks to Scanner, which took into account more data than we are able to calculate during emotional events on the market – we are avoiding taking too risky and losing positions.