Trade with Trend

Master Clouds

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  • Trade with Trend - Master Clouds, this could be the most accurate indicator which was ever created. This is the first indicator, which is using changes algorithm and trend algorithm, to determine current trend or it changes. This solution allows you to know in advance what could happen on the market.

Now you can in a simple and quick way see what trends are on your chart.

Trend Trading Cloud creates a trend chart on your price chart. When the “cloud” is in blue, then the market is in a growing trend, and when it is in red, then it is on a decreasing trend.

It works on EVERY instrument in every time frame.

Indicator is quick and doesn’t put the weight on the MetaTrader4 platform. It means that it won’t slow it down, it doesn’t crush (what we know from our rigorous tests). And it works smoothly even in dynamic and changeable market conditions.

According to our statistical tests it is the most accurate trend indicator.

It achieves this by taking into account variability of the market in its algorithm for the sole purpose of increasing accuracy and to eliminate false signals.

Does this sound familiar?

Your traditional trend indicator like MACD or ADX says that a new trend was made. You enter the market and take a position… but the price isn’t moving at all. It moves to the side, back and forward… it plays with you – or worse, many times price turns on your position. Whenever you are making a transaction, you are losing because of this false signal.


False signals are foolproof thanks to tradicial trend indicators, which are made “masterfully”. They are using the same calculations regardless of which instrument you are using or which time free you are using.


That is why there is a need for a new kind of indicator, which takes into account variability of the market in its algorithm.

Trend Trading Cloud is the first indicator, which uses changes algorithm and trend algorithm, to identify current trend or its changes.

Ask yourself those questions:

  • Is our indicator accurately determining the current trend?

  • Does it determine time and moment of change in current trend?

  • Is it allowing you to set and determine the level of StopLoss and TakeProfit?

It shows the general trend of every instrument on MetaTrader4.

Indicator tells that change is coming to the market. Be aware, because there is a possibility that the current trend is changing (you can use built alerts).

It also tells you where you should put your Take Profit and Stop Loss (red or blue edge on the chart), if you are intending to open up a transaction.


indicator is just a toll, which should support you in what you can already, that is why don’t treat it like a ready and complete trading system.



there are a lot of elements affecting the market and its movement, that is why you should start using them on the demo account before you will use them in the real one.



even the best traders on the market make mistaked, suffer losses, but what makes them special is self improvement and work on the path they choose. That is why even when there will be positions with losses, you should work more, process and learn are most crucial, and after that there will be results.