Service Regulations

  1. The regulations of the website.

    Thank you for visiting our website available at  (hereinafter referred to as “AIT”, “Elite Traders Crew”, “EEC PSA”, “Website”, “Service”, “Platform”).

    The purpose of these regulations is to establish general rules and conditions for using the Website. In case the user decides to use Elite Traders Crew, these conditions govern in particular the rules for using the Website, including issues related to our responsibility.

    Please read the regulations.

    About us:

    The owner of Elite Traders Crew is the company EEC PSA based in Katowice at Al. Wojciecha Korfantego 138A, 40-156 Katowice, entered into the National Court Register by the District Court Katowice-East, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS: 0000947117, having the tax identification number NIP: 634-300-59-51, with a share capital in the amount of PLN 5,000.00.

    Hereinafter referred to as “AIT”

    §1 General provisions

    effective from January 1, 2022

    1.These regulations define the rules for using the Elite Traders Crew Platform by Users and access to the Elite Traders Crew, owned by EEC PSA based in Katowice.

    2.These regulations were issued on the basis of art. 8 sec. 1 of the Act of July 18, 2002, on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended).

    3. The regulations are provided to Users free of charge through the Elite Traders Crew website in a form that allows for downloading, storing, and printing.

    §2 Definitions

    1. Data – user’s personal data provided by the user during registration, verification, and while using access to the Elite Traders Crew.

    2. Account – a set of data and information about the user’s rights within the Elite Traders Crew services, managed by Elite Traders Crew.

    3. Reference code – an activation code that allows access to the Elite Traders Crew, which can be transferred by another member of the Elite Traders Crew to register a new User.

    4. Login – the process leading to the user’s access to the Elite Traders Crew Account.

    5. Elite Traders Crew Platform – an online platform run by Elite Traders Crew where users can access educational materials, programs, projects, and information. The platform is also used to facilitate mutual education among members through discussion forums and events covering various topics such as finance, marketing, sales, personal development, and more.

    6. Regulations – these Regulations, defining the terms and conditions of use and access to the Elite Traders Crew.

    7. Registration – the procedure for creating an Account.

    8. Agreement – means the agreement concluded between the User and Elite Traders Crew upon completion of Registration, the subject of which are services provided by Elite Traders Crew within the Account. After a positive Verification and acceptance of the Regulations, the User gains access to the Resources, where a part of the Resources requires payment of a relevant fee, the amount of which is provided in the description of Elite Traders Crew on the website.

    9. User – (1) a natural person with full legal capacity; (2) a legal person; or (3) an organizational unit without legal personality, which is granted legal capacity by law; – using or intending to use the Electronic Services available within the Elite Traders Crew Platform, including concluding or intending to conclude a Product sales agreement. The User must have an Account, pass the Verification process successfully, and accept the Regulations.

    10. Product – membership and access to the Elite Traders Crew platform for a period of 12 months or 30 days (minimum access period), depending on the chosen method of payment.

    11. Free Access to the Product – access to the Elite Traders Crew platform for free for a period of time determined by Elite Traders Crew, which can be changed by Elite Traders Crew at any time, but the change does not apply to users who have already used the previously defined Free Access.

    12. Verification – a procedure to verify the User leading to access to resources and services provided by Elite Traders Crew within the Elite Traders Crew Platform. Verification consists of three stages: 

    a.Completing the Registration and signing up for the Elite Traders Crew Platform using the required data,

    b.Recognition by Elite Traders Crew of the authenticity of the submitted data,

    c.Granting the User permission to specific Resources.

    1. Resources – educational materials placed in the Elite Traders Crew Platform, especially market information, programs, marketing materials, audio and video recordings, enhancing the educational process, deepening the possibilities of using the acquired knowledge within the Elite Traders Crew, and services provided within the Elite Traders Crew Platform.

    2. Elite Traders Crew, Website, Service, Platform – the Elite Traders Crew website available at the internet addresses .


    §3 General Terms of Use for the Elite Traders Crew Platform

    1. The use of the Elite Traders Crew Platform is a paid service. 

    2. Elite Traders Crew may introduce additional paid services. 

    3. Any User who has an Account, passes the Verification procedure positively, and accepts the Terms and Conditions may use the Elite Traders Crew Platform.

    4.  Users are not allowed to: 

    • use other users’ accounts,

    • share their own account with other users,

    • post unlawful content on the Elite Traders Crew platform. “As hate speech content, we understand statements that directly attack other people based on so-called protected characteristics, such as race, origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, serious disability, or illness. We also apply certain protective measures regarding immigration status. By attack, we understand content that incites violence or dehumanizes other people, suggesting their inferiority or calling for their exclusion or segregation.”

    5. Acceptance of the terms and purchase of the product is equivalent to accepting additional terms and conditions related to the purchased product and the rules of cooperation or product operation presented before the purchase by telephone, electronically, on the website, social media or any other means in which they were presented. The customer does not have any objections to the conditions of these agreements or rules and confirms that they have read, understood their content, and agree to the presented terms. The customer declares that they will not claim any deviations from the agreement or rules. Purchasing the product is equivalent to knowingly accepting all other terms of use of the purchased product, and these conditions are mandatory for the customer at the time of purchase and acceptance of the regulations.

    §4 Registration and Verification

    I. Registration and Verification of a User without an Account.

    1. To Register and Verify the User, they must fill out the registration form available on the website .

    2. During the Registration process, the User creates an Account.

    3. To create an Account, the User fills out the following fields of the registration form:

    1. Username

    2. Email

    3. Password

    4. Repeat password

    5. I accept the Account regulations, privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.

    4. The email address provided by the User should be unique, meaning that it can only be used by one User during Registration.

    5. Clicking the “Register” button sends an activation link to the email address provided in the registration form.

    6. To complete the Registration, the User should click the activation link.

    7. The activation link is active for 1-7 days from the date it was sent to the email address provided in the registration form. After this period, the activation link expires and the User needs to Register again.

    8. After the Registration is complete, an Account is created with the email address provided by the User in the registration form or the username, and an Agreement is concluded between the User and Elite Traders Crew, which does not require any payments at the time of registration. Registration is free.

    9. After the Registration is complete, in order to access the Resources, subject to §11, the User goes to  and initiates the range of resources they want to use, thus initiating Verification. Elite Traders Crew reserves the right to charge a fee for certain Resources.

    10. Within a week (7 business days) of receiving the application and registration, Elite Traders Crew verifies the data contained in the registration form and, in the case of a positive verification, grants the User the appropriate permissions.

    11. In case of incorrectly filled out registration form, or receiving an incomplete or improperly filled out registration form, the User will not be granted permissions to use the Elite Traders Crew Platform.

    12. The Registration and Verification process can be checked and confirmed by contacting Elite Traders Crew via email:, entering [Registration] or [Verification] in the message title.

    13. The User gains access to the Elite Traders Crew Platform Resources after successful Verification and acceptance of the Regulations, or in specific cases, after paying the appropriate fee.


    II. Verification of a User with an Account.

    1. A User with an Account must fill out a form available on the  page to verify themselves during the login process. 

    2. The User enters their email or username chosen and specified during the initial registration, as well as their password, in the form.

    3. Elite Traders Crew declares that it does not have access to the User’s Account password. To recover the password and access the Account, the User must go through and use the “password recovery process”. 

    4. The User may be asked for additional login confirmation through a unique PIN code, which will be sent to the phone number provided by the User in further steps within the panel. 

    5. The User’s Account may be temporarily blocked for the security of the entire Service, and the User will be informed by Elite Traders Crew via email at the address provided by the User during registration. 

    6. If Elite Traders Crew introduces changes, including changes to the Terms and Conditions or the way of using the Service, this requires the User’s acceptance of the changes, under penalty of terminating the Agreement. 

    7. The User gains access to the Elite Traders Crew Platform Resources after successful verification and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.


    §5 Technical requirements for using the Elite Traders Crew platform

    1. To properly use the Elite Traders Crew platform, an up-to-date version of one of the following web browsers is required: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer.

    2. Due to technological changes, the above requirements may change. In particular, the previous software may be replaced with a newer version.


    §6 Elite Traders Crew Platform

    • including Elite Traders Crew Responsibility

    1. The Elite Traders Crew Platform offers Users the possibility of accessing Resources available for a given User.

    2.  Granting access to certain Resources requires the User to pay a relevant fee within the Elite Traders Crew.

    3.  The Elite Traders Crew is a place where Users engage in educating members (other Users) as well as organizing educational projects covering topics such as the stock market, private equity, investment banking, investment fund activities, AI in the economy, e-commerce, sales, marketing, personal development, and networking.

    4. Elite Traders Crew within the Elite Traders Crew sets as its main goals in its activities:

    • uniting students, individuals interested in the financial, marketing, e-commerce, sales, networking, and other industries;

    • deepening knowledge about financial markets, their technical aspects, as well as utilizing acquired skills in practice on available educational and simulation platforms;

    • building strong relationships with experienced representatives of the financial and marketing industries;

    • organizing events for the entire community;

    • developing cooperation and partnership with institutions from the advisory, investment, and financial industries;

    • training skills necessary for Users to better understand the business and financial environment;

    • networking.

    • Educating the community on the role and significance of finance in the economy.

    1. All activities of the Elite Traders Crew and products sold on the website are of an EDUCATIONAL nature, in some cases educational-discussion. By accepting this Regulation, the USER confirms that any decisions, including investment or purchasing, made based on presented content, information, tools, programs, or other services within the access to Elite Traders Crew Resources, are made at their own risk and full responsibility.

    2. Information contained in Elite Traders Crew Resources should not be interpreted as investment advice, investment recommendations, offers, or invitations to enter into any transactions on financial instruments.

    1. We do not provide any express or implied warranties or representations as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein or its usefulness for a particular purpose.

    7. Information contained in Elite Traders Crew Resources cannot be perceived as an offer to sell or an invitation to make offers to purchase any goods or financial products described on this website. The information contained on this site has been obtained from reliable sources but may not be complete and is not certain as to its accuracy.

    8. Elite Traders Crew is not responsible for the investment decisions made by Users based on information available in the Elite Traders Crew Platform Resources, nor for any damages resulting from investment decisions made based on the content presented in the Elite Traders Crew Platform Resources, which are not a recommendation within the meaning of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of April 21, 2004, on information that constitutes recommendations concerning financial instruments or their elements.




    1. The website enables the conclusion of product sales agreements. The types, descriptions, and prices of the products are listed on the website

    2. Users can purchase products by using the order form available on the website. The sales agreement is concluded once the user completes the order form and clicks the “Order and Pay” button.

    3. The use of the order form begins with the user selecting a product. 

    4. Placing an order requires two consecutive steps by the customer: 

    1. (1) completing the order form and 

    2. (2) clicking the “Order” or “Buy” button on the store page after completing the order form. Up to this point, it is possible to independently modify the data entered (users should follow the displayed messages and information available on the store page).

    3. The order form requires the user to provide the following information about the customer: name and surname/company name, email address, contact phone number, and information regarding the sales agreement: product/products, the quantity of the product/products, place and method of delivery of the product/products (if required), method of payment.

    4. For non-consumer customers, it is also necessary to provide the company name and tax identification number.


    5. The product price displayed on the store page or other pages belonging to the Elite Traders Crew is in American dollars and includes taxes. The user is informed about the total price including taxes of the ordered product on the store pages when placing the order, including at the time of expressing the will to be bound by the sales agreement by the customer.


    6. The recording, securing, and providing the user with the content of the sales agreement is done by 

    1. (1) making this regulation available on the website and 

    2. (2) sending an email message to the customer after the purchase. The content of the sales agreement is also recorded and secured in the IT system of the Elite Traders Crew website.

    7. The product delivery (order fulfillment) to the user is carried out by Elite Traders Crew by providing the product in the customer’s account within the period specified in the product description or after verification, but no later than 72 hours after payment.


    8. The method and payment terms for the product sales agreement are as follows:

    1. Electronic payments,

    2. Payment by debit or credit card,

    3. Recurring card payments (subscription),

    4. Traditional bank transfer payments (available after contacting the Payment Department at

    5. The payment term is immediate through an external Payment Processor (companies providing online payment services), with the proviso that recurring payments, they may be deferred in time or repeated cyclically with the user’s consent at specified payment cycles, deadlines, and amounts.

    §8 Payments

    1. The prices of products presented on these pages are expressed in USD (American dollars). In case of payment in another currency, the conversion will be made. 

    2. Accepted forms of payment are bank transfer and, and credit/debit card. 

    3. It is possible to discount the amount of a complex order by entering the appropriate discount code. 

    4. Settlement of credit card and e-transfer transactions is conducted through


    1. It is not possible for the User to submit a complaint while using the Elite Traders Crew Resources during the free access period covered by the promotion.

    2. In the case of certain membership packages, the User may receive access to Elite Traders Crew Resources free of charge for a period of 1 to 7 days, covered by the promotion. After this time, payment for access to Elite Traders Crew Resources is required.

    3. The User who makes a payment after the free access period, which lasts from 1 to 7 days, has no right to submit a complaint or request a refund if the User obtained access to Elite Traders Crew Resources on promotional terms, free of charge.

    4. In accordance with the law, a consumer who has entered into a distance contract may withdraw from it without giving a reason and without incurring costs within 14 calendar days, subject to the cost of shipping, installation, or delivery of the Product. Sending a statement before the expiration of this period is sufficient to meet the deadline, whereby the free access period excludes the possibility of withdrawal from the contract by the Customer after its expiration, after paying for access to Elite Traders Crew Resources.

    5. By making a payment for the Product, the User receives access to Elite Traders Crew Resources for a minimum period of 30 days (excluding the free period), and the User may resign from access to Elite Traders Crew Resources at any time and not extend access for another period (at least 30 days). Resignation is made in such a way that the Customer does not pay for the next access period to Elite Traders Crew Resources, and resignation does not involve any additional fees. To unsubscribe from the product subscription, the User should cancel the previously established subscription before the start of a new settlement period, if the payment platform allows it. Otherwise, the User should inform Elite Traders Crew at least 72 hours before the start of the new settlement period about their intention to end it.

    6. Resignation from using Elite Traders Crew Resources may be made during the free access period for Products that are free for the User, and resignation from the Product does not involve any additional costs.

    7. In the case of a product which is a service, if the provision of the service – at the explicit request of the user – has started before the expiration of the right to withdraw from the contract, the user who exercises the right to withdraw from the contract after such a request has been made is obliged to pay for the services provided until the time of withdrawal from the contract. The amount of the payment is calculated proportionally to the scope of the service provided, taking into account the agreed price or remuneration. If the price or remuneration is excessive, the basis for calculating this amount is the market value of the service provided. 

    8. This section of the regulations applies only to consumer customers.

    1. Detailed information on the possibility for a consumer buyer to use out-of-court methods of complaint resolution and claims settlement, as well as the rules for accessing these procedures, are available at the premises and on the websites of district (city) consumer ombudsman, social organizations whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, Voivodeship Inspectorates of Trade Inspection, and at the following internet addresses of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection: and

    2. A consumer can obtain free assistance in resolving a dispute by also using the free assistance of a district (city) consumer ombudsman or a social organization whose statutory tasks include consumer protection (including the Federation of Consumers, Polish Consumers Association).

    3. At, an internet platform for the online resolution of disputes between consumers and traders at the EU level (the ODR platform) is available. The ODR platform is an interactive and multilingual website with a comprehensive service point for consumers and traders seeking to settle out-of-court a dispute concerning contractual obligations arising from an online sales contract or service contract.

    9. When submitting a complaint, the user should describe in detail the situation in which:

    1. Elite Traders Crew does not work or works improperly by directing the content through email to

    2. The consideration of the complaint may take up to 14 days, but Elite Traders Crew declares that it will do its best to explain the matter of the complaint as quickly as possible, within its capabilities and competences.

    10. The buyer understands and accepts the fact that, in accordance with Article 38 of the Consumer Rights Act, the right to withdraw from a contract concluded outside the business premises or at a distance does not apply to the supply of digital content that is not recorded on a physical medium, unless Elite Traders Crew indicates otherwise in the contract.

    11. The digital content provided that is not recorded on a physical medium and for which there is no possibility of return.


    §10 Copyright and Trade Secret

    1. The copyright and intellectual property rights to the Internet Service as a whole and its individual elements, including content, graphics, works, patterns, and marks available within it, belong to Elite Traders Crew or other authorized third parties and are protected by Copyright Law and other generally applicable laws. The protection granted to the Internet Service covers all forms of their expression.

    2. The service recipient has no right to copy, modify, adapt, translate, or disseminate the Internet Service or Products, except in cases permitted by mandatory law.

    3. The trademarks of Elite Traders Crew and third-party entities should be used in accordance with applicable law.

    4. All content presented in Elite Traders Crew is a trade secret and may not be published or copied without Elite Traders Crew consent.

    5. Violation of §4 entails the possibility of Elite Traders Crew seeking from the User or a third party using the elements presented within the Elite Traders Crew Platform the payment of a contractual penalty in the amount of $1,000,000 (one million US dollars).


    §11 Final Provisions

    1. Agreements concluded through Elite Traders Crew are governed by Polish law and in the Polish language.

    2.  Amendment of the Regulations – Elite Traders Crew reserves the right to amend the Regulations for valid reasons, i.e.

    1.  changes in the law, the addition of new electronic services – to the extent that these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations. 

    2. The amended Regulations are binding on the User if the requirements specified in art. 384 and 384[1] of the Civil Code are met, i.e. they have been properly notified of the changes and have not terminated the agreement within 14 calendar days from the notification. In the event that an amendment to the Regulations results in the introduction of any new fees or an increase in current fees, the User who is a consumer has the right to terminate the agreement. 

            3. In matters not regulated by these regulations, the generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: the Civil Code; the Act on the provision of electronic services of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 144, item 1204, as amended); the Consumer Rights Act and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law.