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Earning on trading is in your grasp. For over 15 years we’ve been working on the Forex market. Today people associated in this Traders Crew systematically earn more. On this channel they share their experience and ideas. We understand the mechanism of the market, because we invest and actively trade day by day. Thanks to that we are effective in our actions. You can become a profitable trader also! If you want to know the benefits of trading and to learn how to earn, join us and learn from experienced traders, who are achieving success.

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If you are wondering why do you need this crew…
 we have for you a handful of facts:

Traders with 15 years of experience show what they are doing on the market. When, how and why they are investing their funds. Knowing when they are opening and closing transactions, you can copy their moves and earn with them.

10 minutes per day. That’s all you need, for new daily income on your account.

Are you looking at your phone during the day? If the answer is yes, then just by the way you could start a few times your Profitable Positions Generator.

This system is so easy, even a child could use it. Without analyzing charts and sitting by the computer.

Strength is in the numbers. You will earn more with the group, where experienced traders inspire you to act. Their cooperation makes investing effectiveness better, and lower to the absolute minimum amount of rush and ill-considered decisions.

You don’t have to analyze the market on your own and you can save a lot of your time, which you can use for your passions.

Know the facts, why over 1782 people using
the Profitable Positions Generator:

What is important, being inspired by experienced traders, you can earn without knowledge!

Remember, those informations about when other traders open up and close positions, saves up your time. This is like an alert
dedicated to the Forex market, which allows you to invest money and realize financial goals, without passing your other activities. For those who are beginning to trade it makes the decision making process a lot easier.

 Were you ever wondering… Is trading for me?

It’s understandable that you have doubts like this. Many people are wondering the same thing. You are not alone. Trading is mainly a simple activity. It requires ease and patience. You don’t need to have advanced economic, political or business knowledge.

This group was created for you to watch how others trade. Majority of traders at some point benefited from help from other more experienced mates or more experienced traders. To take example from others, how they trade, helps make your own decisions. You will see it with your own eyes, how informations from traders will help you in quick and effective earning.

Is trading hard and complicated?

It depends… Trading is hard, it can even be like dark magic, when you are trying to do it by yourself and you are using poorly prepared courses, on which you are spending your money and get nothing from them. This road is full of obstacles and problems, which would end in your fall.

For you it doesn’t have to be like this. You have a chance to walk with us side by side - with experienced traders. who knows the market and achieves success. Trading with us isn’t hard, it is the easiest way, which you can take. You have access to what others are doing and thanks to this you will earn also.

We work with reetires, who have more time and decided to learn something new. We’re also working with students, for whom this is an extra way of income. In our group there are members, who are working on a daily basis in factories or offices. They see in trading a chance to save and increase their income.

We will do everything that is needed for you to invest with profit.

One is certain, those who trade by themselves have many problems and obstacles. It is hard - especially at the beginning - to make the right decision based only on your own subjective opinion. It is always worth seeing how others do things. Remember, we are not living in some glass house and decisions made by other traders affect your investments.

To avoid their mistakes is a lot cheaper than learning on your own skin, or should we say your wallet

Everyone who is starting his adventure on Forex wonders when trading will give profit. Who wouldn’t like to be a millionaire after one week? 😉 On the Forex market you can earn a crazy amount of money in a very short time, but the only condition is to have absurde luck, like those who won in the lottery. Don’t be fooled by promises - on spectacular success you need to work a little.

Systematic earning on the market is an effect of the strategy.

As many investors, that many ideas to achieve success. You can invest in the short, medium or long term. You can use technical analysis, fundamental analysis or combine both.

There is no such thing as a perfect strategy on the Forex. But! The perfect strategy for you exists. The time you will spend on trading to earn is based on your strategy.

You can open one position per minute or one position in a month. Everything depends on you. Our group will help you to pick those moments when it is good to engage. Time, when you will be active depends on you. Most of the things you can plan and see when it is worthy to focus on trading, when to rest and enjoy life.

There are a lot of people, who are thinking that with a little experience they can earn on the market, but the truth is 95% of them don't earn! This group is for you to earn! Analyze the market, spending long hours at the charts - thanks to it you won’t be wasting your time on this. Every important information will be given to you, so you can invest and earn more. This group motivates you to act, thanks to it you will avoid rash decisions and you will save up your precious hours - you can spend them on your passions.

Join the investors community and earn with them better, more and faster than by working by yourself. Surrounded by people who are thinking alike, you have a much bigger chance of achieving success. What are you waiting for?

Don’t waste your chance for high results and earning on investments.

Just now you can join the Traders Crew.

Enter the group for a free month and see jak your trading will change. Achieve with them results, which are not in the range of lonely wolves.

Check what other say


I knew what I was doing - I chose the best way possible. Social Trading is for me. I don’t have to think, walk away from work, and money is making itself. 🙂 My wife stopped complaining that I work all the time and don’t have time for her.


For a few months now I've been acting with FS. At the beginning I was watching the information. I read and listened a lot about what people are, smartasses, who are manipulating the market and eating small players. I was wondering if this could be predicted and if analytics have any power, on the other hand people say that even dogs could learn trading. I’m managing now and I earn even.


If something is affecting my money, I like to feel that I’m in control. My team gives me this comfort and supports me in the decision making process. For now I’m the winner.


Before I thought analysis was crucial. I was investing actively and every few minutes I was opening positions. Now I know that there is nothing worse than nervous moves. No money is worth those nerves. Today I’m chillin. Automat invests for me and I just monitor effects from time to time. For the multiple businesses I’m leading this is a perfect option.